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  • Mark Preston

Shuttle & Loom and MISSEDABEAT come together to ensure that the team have defibrillator at all there games.

James and some of the squad from the Shuttle and Loom had their Defibrillator handed over before a recent Cobblers Hall over 40`s match.

James stated "it’s been fantastic to work with Mark from MISSEDABEAT over the last couple of weeks, in order to secure a portable defibrillator for the team to take to all of our matches and training sessions. The importance of this equipment can not be underestimated and will make Shuttle and Loom games a more safe environment for all players, officials and supporters.

A massive thanks to all who supported our football card fundraiser in order to raise funds your support is greatly appreciated by all at the club.

Congratulations to Sunderland fan Lottie Hall on winning the signed Newcastle United Callum Wilson shirt. However we couldn’t let Lottie walk away with a Newcastle shirt, so a massive thanks to Mark for sourcing a signed Sunderland shirt as her prize"

If any clubs would like to replicate what we’ve achieved, please get in contact with ourselves and we will put you in contact with MISSEDABEAT.

You never know when a defibrillator may save a life.

MISSEDABEAT are also working with Darlington Rolling Mills over 40`s to ensure that both the over 40`s teams have a portable defibrillators to take to home and away game, training. Craig Swainston and Mark have discussed best ways of raising the funds needed. Mark handed over signed Middlesbrough shirt and also Callum Wilson signed Newcastle shirt to help raise the necessary funds.


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