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  • Mark Preston

Mowden Park Arena Darlington, has community defibrillator replaced

Replacement Defibrillator Installed for Community Safety

We are thrilled to announce that on 18th June 2024, a new defibrillator has been installed at the Darlington Arena, providing a crucial life-saving resource for the entire community. Huge thanks to Mark Preston from the charity MissedABeat for helping us arrange the defibrillator, and stunt driver Paul Swift with the social group Round Table, for raising and donating 50% of the cost. The various Rugby age-groups, both male and female have all made donations in order to have the replacement defibrillator available.

Mark from MISSEDABEAT visited the Arena back in March 2024 and carried out services on the community defibrillator and also the internal defibrillator. During the checks it was discovered that the Community defibrillator "Mediana device" needed some attention. Mark contacted the manufactures who advised that the device was almost 10 years old and out of it warranty.

Mark, the founder of the local charity MissedABeat expressed the charity's mission and the importance of this installation: "The nearest defibrillator from the arena is 0.9 miles away, we’re trying to get them every 500 meters as it really does save lives. Mark is currently working on a number of projects in and around Darlington installing defibrillators and has also recently worked with 3 local football teams in the area ensuring they have portable defibrillators available for all home and away games, as well as raising awareness around the need for people to realise, they need this in their communities."

Paul, a stunt driver and member the boy’s and men’s social club Round Table, often supports local charities, and shared his motivation: "We run our experience days here, so I was aware of the stadium. The traffic here must see thousands of people per year and it’s a real hub of the community, so for us it makes sense to support the replacement defibrillator here. Hopefully it will never have to be used but it’s there if we need it and to spread more awareness that can hopefully save someone’s life. We will continue to support Mark and MissedABeat going forward." 

Our own juniors coach, Paul ‘Bosh’ Brown, who is also an emergency care assistant for the North East Ambulance, highlighted the impact this defibrillator will have: "Having a defibrillator onsite gives peace of mind to us all, that if the absolute worst should happen to a player/ coach/ supporter or even just someone close by to the arena, we can give them the best possible chance of survival by giving early deliberation."

This defibrillator is located on the West stand corner of the stadium close to Block 20 and is now fully operational and registered on the national circuit.

To learn more about MissedABeat see their website, which has more information on defibrillator locations and the charity.

Also see Round Table’s website, where you can learn more about their mission bringing men together and supporting their local communities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to MissedABeat, Paul Swift and Round Table. Together, we are making our community a safer place. Also thanks to Chris Barron for the photos, see his site here:



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