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  • Mark Preston

Hannah overwhelmed and has tears of joy

Claire Wilson recently offered to support MISSEDABEAT and went about selling a football card. (The prize was a signed Newcastle united shirt signed by either Dan Burn or Jacob Murphy)

Claire sold all the teams raising £500 for MISSEDABEAT the winning team was Grimsby Town. Graham Blenkinsopp had the winning team.

Graham chose to donate his winning prize to a special young lady.

Hannah`s mam Mel has known Graham since infant school and he knows how Newcastle United daft Hannah is. Everything is Newcastle even down to her bedroom decorations. When Mel received the call from Graham asking if Hannah would like the signed shirt she was shocked. Graham said he doesn’t know anyone more of a supporter than Hannah. Only a few days before Hannah had been telling Mark from MISSEDABEAT how she had left a space in her bedroom for one of the pictures he had and that love to have Dan Burn. Hannah was asking how much pocket money she would have to save. Mel knew how made up Hannah would be to have the picture.

When Graham arrived with the picture Hannah literally squealed and went totally speechless which is not Hannah. She was so overwhelmed and not realising it was Dan burn. She had tears on her eyes when she realised it was in fact the one she was saving for. Mel asked Hannah how she felt and her words “I don’t know how to describe it mam” The bonus for Graham is that Hannah has promised to stop teasing Graham for being a Man United fan too. That night Hannah went to bed and guess what the picture had to be next to her bed. One happy girl created from the great effort of Mark MISSEDABET and for arranging the raffle to Graham winning it and gifting it to Hannah. Thank you 🖤🤍⚽️


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