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  • Mark Preston

Cross Fit and MISSEDABEAT Join Forces

Mark from MISSEDABEAT was contacted by Tez and Vicki Anderson, who asked how they could support the MISSEDABEAT with their goal to ensure that all grassroots football teams in the local area are safe and supported, with the access to portable defibrillator.

Tez and Vicki were kindly gifted a defibrillator from local charity MADATHLON way back in 2014, when they first opened cross-fit. Mark arranged for a defibrillator to be placed directly outside the gym, to enable members and the public to access it. Tez and Vicki Anderson thought it was only right we donate the portable defibrillator to a charity, "We are really grateful to Mark for all his efforts he puts into the charity which provides these invaluable machines to save lives and approached him to help us to find a good cause".

Quote from Club secretary Berni Borsberry,

"Newton Aycliffe Youth Football Club would like to give a huge thank you to Terry "TEZ" and Vicki Anderson from Cross Fit Newton Aycliffe, and Mark Preston from MISSEDABEAT, for the kind donation of a mobile defibrillator. The football club were contacted by Mark who explained that Cross Fit who were one of the first places in Newton Aycliffe, that had a fixed defibrillator on the external wall of their entrance. This installation made it accessible to members of cross-fit, people working in the surrounding units, and the greater population of Newton Aycliffe. The mobile defibrillator machine that was available inside the gym, was now needing a new home. Club secretary Berni Borsberry commented “ We purchased a fixed defibrillator machine a couple of years ago, and located it in the small car park next to our home pitches at the Oakleaf, which are used by our 22 teams. However, when traveling to away games not all facilities have a defibrillator machine readily available. Therefore, several of our teams have been fundraising to purchase mobile defibrillator. "

This kind donation from Cross Fit and MISSEDABEAT means that these funds can now be used in other vital areas for the teams. This donation has enabled the mobile defibrillator to be available for the Under 7 Boys / Under 8 Boys and Under 8 Girls, both for matches and on training nights without any cost.


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