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  • Mark Preston

Aycliffe Fabrications supports MISSEDABEAT

Good to catch up with Katie Flanagan and Colin Henderson today, to work together on the steel supports for the external defibrillators that Aycliffe Fabrications are designing and donating to MISSEDABEAT Foundation.

If any businesses have an internal defibrillators, and would be willing and interested in converting these to an external 24 hours Community Defibrillator and having it registered on the National Circuit, please get in touch with Mark from MISSEDABEAT.

We have worked with many businesses on Aycliffe Business Park and have funded/part funded over 12 community defibrillators, making the industrial estate one of the safest around.

We have also supported the installation of Community defibrillators outside of Aycliffe, expanding this to many of our neighboring towns.

We would love to hear from businesses willing to support our project.


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