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  • Mark Preston

London & Cambridge Properties part of the M Core Group have internal and external defibrillators installed.

Busy but happy day yesterday

Defibrillators in the community could save a life if someone has a Cardiac Arrest. The chances of a successful outcome are much improved if a defibrillator can be used.

After many visits to Enterprise City in Spennymoor and carrying out research around access to nearest defibrillators, it was clear that action needed to be taken to ensure that safety of the workers and visitors to the site.

The nearest defibrillator is only 874 yards from the site located at McDonald's, however to reach the defibrillator you would need to cross an extremely busy road with more than 5 sets of traffic lights at Thinford roundabout Spennymoor. On average the majority of traffic lights run on a 100-second cycle, which covers the time of green, to yellow, to red, and right up to when it`s green again.

During the research, the journey was timed to and from the location. The average time to get to McDonald`s and return to the Enterprise City site was over 10 minutes.

After discussing my concerns with Johnathan Le-Poidevin, Head of Avec Sales, I was given details and advised to speak to Ian Briggs (Regional Facilities Manager).

Mark and Ian discussed options and agreed that 24/7 community defibrillator was high priority for the site. Ian was very keen to work with MISSEDABEAT. The first community defibrillator was placed central to the site on unit 5, during the installation period Mark and Ian continued to communicate. Ian was keen to ensure the safety of everyone accessing the site and informed Mark that he would like another community defibrillator installed and also internal defibrillator installed.

Mark was joined by Will Paterson from Hibbitts who have joined the team as one of our electrical ‘angels’. Will was keen to learn more about the need for more accessible defibrillators and could not believe how long the return journey would take given delivering a shock within 3-5 minutes after the casualty has collapsed increases their survival chances from 6% to 74%. For every minute that defibrillation is delayed the chances of survival decreases to 10% the installation of the community defibrillators on the site will massively ensure the safety of workers and visitors.

It was discussed around best location within Enterprise House, and it was agreed that the best to place would be on the first floor, at the front of the staircase, to ensure easy access.

The internal defibrillator cabinet is fitted with an alarm which will alert everyone on site during emergency situations.

Using a defibrillator may feel daunting, but they are very easy to use and even without any training the AED gives the person using it voice instructions. An AED will not allow a shock to be given unless the collapsed person needs this.

Both Defibrillators have been registered on the National Circuit and available in any emergency 24/7.

Visit the British Heart Foundation website to learn more about your closest defibrillator and you can also access online training for free- click the link below.


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