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Grindon SC Over 40s FC

Ally Wilson (Club Secretary at Grindon SC Over 40s FC) proudly accepted a Defibrillator which was donated by MISSED A BEAT.

Over the course of 18 months team members payed extra subs for mid week training. Players past and present from the Over 40s team (originally called The Willow Pond O40s) as well as players and friends turned up to make up the training numbers to contribute to the fund.

The team also had volunteers organise football cards for players, family and friends from further afield.

The team have donated any money they have raised totalling £900.00 to MISSED A BEAT. This money will go towards supporting the foundation and purchasing more defibrillators.

After the tragedy that occurred during a game involving Cobblers Hall many of the teams from Over 40's leagues have worked tirelessly to ensure they raise the funds in order to purchase life saving devices.


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