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  • Mark Preston

Baltic Apprenticeship defibrillator installed

MISSEDABEAT have just delivered the public access defibrillator to Andrew Kidger, the facilities manager of Baltic Apprenticeships in Darlington.

Andrew first contact Mark from MISSEDABEAT after visiting Forest Park Community football facility in Newton Aycliffe Business Park, where MISSEDABEAT had installed a defibrillator back in September 2023. During the unveiling we were joined by several of the Apprentices from the Baltic Apprenticeships in Darlington. The Defibrillator has been registered on the national circuit and available in any emergency 24/7.

Andrew and all the apprentices have been keen to support MISSEDABEAT and are hoping to raise vital funds to support the charity moving forward.

Massive shout out to Sparks Electrical based in Newton Aycliffe who have supported MISSEDABEAT foundation with the installation of two 24/7 defibrillators units, one in Newton Aycliffe industrial and another in Darlington. Phil and his apprentice Dean (from Sparks Electricals) worked through the morning/afternoon ensuring the cabinets were ready to be used in any emergency.

A big thank you to Workshop Supply and UPEX for providing the materials we needed to enable these be fitted.


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