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  • Mark Preston

Lands Village Hall secures new defibrillator

Due to the collaboration between Durham Community Action (DCA), Lands

Village Hall, and MissedABeat, the Lands Village Hall is now equipped with a life saving defibrillator, that is accessible 24/7.

DCA, a local charity dedicated to supporting Community initiatives in County

Durham, played a crucial role in connecting Lands Village Hall with MissedABeat, a

charity responsible for defibrillator installation and awareness training.

Evenwood and Barony Parish Council provided valuable financial support, making the installation of the defibrillator possible.

“We are incredibly grateful to Durham Community Action for their assistance in

securing this vital piece of equipment,” said Glenn Reffin, Chairman of Lands Village Hall Association. He added “For every minute of time a casualty suffering a cardiac event goes without defibrillation their chance of survival is reduced by ten per cent. The nearest defibrillator used to be a five minute drive from here, meaning the chances of survival were minimal. Having a defibrillator readily available on the outside of our hall significantly improves the chances of our community members surviving a cardiac event.”

The defibrillator is easily accessible after phoning the emergency services and

comes with clear instructions for use. MissedABeat are also planning on providing awareness training to members of the Lands Village Hall committee, ensuring they are equipped to use the defibrillator effectively in an emergency. Mark Preston, leader of MissedABeat said, “I’m pleased to support Lands Village Hall achieve its goal of installing a defibrillator. As soon as I saw the distance to the nearest unit, I realized that there is a real need for this life–saving equipment in the village.”

“DCA is committed to supporting our communities in any way we can,” said Craig

Hampton, Community Development Officer for Durham Community Action. “We are thrilled to have played a part in bringing this potentially life–saving resource to Lands Village Hall by bringing the right people together.”

Evenwood and Barony Parish Council granted the outstanding balance of funding

for the project to Lands Village Hall at a recent meeting. “We were delighted to be

able to provide financial support to install this vital equipment in one of our villages

to support the local community,” said Cllr Alison Deakin on behalf of the parish


MissedABeat is a charity (reg. no. 1203933) based in Aycliffe that is dedicated to

installing defibrillators throughout the area. The charity raises funds through donations,charity work and support from local businesses and communities, which it channels into purchasing and installing defibrillators in suitable locations.

MissedABeat is committed to increasing public access to defibrillators in the local

area and providing are looking to put some awareness training to ensure their effective use in emergencies.



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