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  • Mark Preston

Jurgen helps and supports MISSEDABEAT

This time yesterday, I felt deflated after traveling to Liverpool training ground, hoping to see Jurgen one last time and thank him for the shirt signings he did for me the last time I met him.

Leaving my house at 3.30 am, and arriving at the training ground to find and spot and setup, only to find out that Jurgen had given the first team 3 days' rest.

My mind was working overtime (as it does) and I had to think how I could solve this (small) problem !.

How could I over come this minor hurdle 🤣.

I then thought about what I could do for the rest of the day... Go and see Barnes and Beardsley on the night and come up with a plan for Wednesday!.

It might sound crazy but I've always been confident that one day I would either see Jurgen in a cafe or bar, and share stories and tell him how much we appreciate everything his done since he joined Liverpool.

Fast forward and I'm on the road…. on a mission and eventually find myself in the right area.

After a little investigation I find myself at the door of Jurgen's house.

What do I do ?????

I buzz the door…..the doors begin to open, and Ulla asks me if she can help me ?.

I explain that I have traveled to see Jurgen one last time before he leaves and that I had visited the training ground only to find out that Jurgen and the first team had been given 3 days rest.

I explained that Jurgen previously signed some shirts for me to raise funds for the MISSEDABEAT charity at the next charity night event, and I wanted to thank him personally. Ulla asks me about MISSEDABEAT and how it began and apologizing that "Jurgen is sleeping".

Ulla asked me if I minded coming back in 45 minutes/hour.

My head it this point was gone!.

I thought I was in some kind of dream!.

The 45/60 minutes felt like lifetime, until I returned, buzzed on the door again and I couldn’t believe it the gates opened and in I drove.

Ulla is there to greet me again. Apologizing again that "Jurgen is still in bed".

I was invited into their garden and sat with Ulla. She asked me more and more about the charity, she even spent time on the MISSEDABEAT website reading the posts.

I don`t think I have ever met a more thoughtful lady, she showed genuine interest. 20 minutes passed and she told me “I must get Jurgen up so that he can meet you”.

Im sat in the garden .......Jurgen comes down and greats me with that smile, a proper “Man hug” and that laugh that we have all grown to love over the last 9 years.

To say he is the normal one is an understatement. To sit and share football stories and talk about MISSEDABEAT was something that I will never forget and that will live with me forever.

Ulla later returns and gives Jurgen a stack of memorabilia and asks him “to sign them for Mark to help him raise more money for the MISSEDABEAT charity”.

Jurgen without any hesitation signs everything kindly donated and more…..

Jurgen then poses for photos with the MISSEDABEAT signs and takes a few selfies with us together.

One of the most amazing days I've ever had …… from not sleeping, to making sure I'm at the training ground on time, to then find out that the team wouldn't be there…. TO…… then sitting in Jurgen garden talking like we had known each other for years.... he is some bloke and will be well and truly missed.

I'm not normally blown away but I woke up today asking myself " Have I been dreaming?"....but no it happened.

There were things that we all shared that will remain private for myself, family and close friends, on this day i will never forget.

MISSEDABEAT will grow as a result of yesterday support from Jurgen and Ulla and I will be forever grateful to them both for the rest of my life.

YNWA ❤️  💙


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