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  • Mark Preston


This is where the tradition of the Redcar Dip all began. In 2021, 6 lads from the ASC went for an early morning Dip arranged by Dean Young in memory of our friend, DJ Rude Boy Mali Raising funds for his family after his sudden passing.

The tradition continued in 2022, with the popularity of the event growing and the ASC guys now being joined by our brilliant friends from the wider MOD/Ska community.

This year we go again; during Blam Blam Fever-Redcar The ASC and friends will be raising money for MISSED A BEAT and also Walk N Talk Redcar . The Dip will take place at 9am on Sat 9th Sep . Mention in the comments if you’d like to get involved. The more the merrier.

We’ve created a Just Giving page for the Missed a Beat donations (link in the comments). We’d greatly appreciate your support as we are doing this in memory of our friend Darren Scott who the charity was set up in memory of.]-R&c[0]=AT0yK2iAkTHuW20SdWMgxWujITXhrYqiYvB1jk0IwwuxiGCL4Gt_D2sVUC9_malQk3jfWBxqSuN-EM_QAR6JGGurAvyz8Sx2ko5NRiz7D1Vpa2KqThXbQOQVht1z5uo8-kqe4sDwY_-vaIWzDQxC3xmXW92TP9N5CGb2SLF1aHw3CX7NA8g3ghH6js2OtgF-piJ3SWcuxwUbow


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