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  • Mark Preston

Armitage and Wilson Furniture raffle

We proud to have Armitage and Wilson supporting MISSEDABEAT Last week Armiatage and Wilson won the Manufacturing Start-up Award at the prestigious Insider Made in the North East Awards 2024

Join us in our fundraising efforts to support a life-saving cause!  

We're raffling off a luxurious dog bed by Armitage and Wilson Furniture to raise funds for the MISSEDABEAT Foundation.

Here's how it works:

Tickets are priced at £6 each or grab 2 for £10. Ticket numbers will be issued randomly.

Updates will be posted in comments by Yasmin Alicia Allison.

Once we have sold 100 tickets, the draw will take place the winner can choose between a small or large dog bed in grey faux leather, as pictured (RRP £300).

You can purchase tickets here by making a donation and adding #dogbed to the donation message:

Our journey began with a sudden cardiac arrest that shook us to the core. On that fateful day, Ben Simpson collapsed while playing football. Thanks to the quick thinking and action of his teammates, opponents, and referees who administered CPR and defibrillation, Ben's life was spared.

After a harrowing 4 weeks in the hospital, Ben underwent a life-changing operation to fit a subcutaneous ICD, ensuring his safety in case of another arrhythmia. His story underscores the importance of defibrillators in saving lives.

We're partnering with the MISSEDABEAT Foundation to raise awareness and funds for more defibrillators in our community. With your support, we can ensure more lives are saved. Even Ben, a qualified electrician, has pledged to install defibrillators for the charity once he's fully recovered.

Please join us in this crucial mission by donating to the MISSEDABEAT Foundation. Your contribution could make all the difference. Together, we can help prevent tragedies like Ben's and save lives.  


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