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  • Mark Preston

Armitage and Wilson Furniture

It was great catching up with Karen, Gav, Martyn and the team from Armitage and Wilson Furniture yesterday morning and talk about MISSED A BEAT and the work that they hope to carryout over the next year supporting MISSED A BEAT foundation

Karen and the team will be supporting MISSED A BEAT this year, alongside other causes, to help raise awareness of the vital need for defibrillators in sporting venues and public places, as there is currently no legal requirement for them to be installed.

Karen and Gav hope to have Netball and football tournaments arranged in the coming months anyone who would like to get involved please feel free to get in touch.

Karen shared her story about family member who unfortunately suffered cardiac arrest earlier this week, thankfully there was defibrillator on site, nothing hits home harder until the time comes when you need one of these lifesaving machines

We’ll update you on our fundraising efforts over the coming months that Karen and the team have.


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